once i counted birds (2009)

Blogging is a key part of my eco-social art practice.

I began blogging in 2008 after initiating a series of courses ‘Blogging  for Artists’ with podcaster-broadcaster, theatre company co-founder, Ken McGuire from Kilkenny.

Above is the first video I made for the Hollywood Forest Story. Short videos and photos brought people from afar to experience the transformation of Hollywood forest.

My blogging evolved slowly but it became the ideal means to capture an ongoing, slow ecological art practice that comprised of many eco-social art activities over the years. I was very heartened to discover in 2014 that Australian Dr. Lucas Ihlein successfully argued in his award-winning PhD, that ‘blogging is art’ and how it can be a critical and engaging means for collating all the experiences and knowledge, and developing audiences, for social art practices.

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My first blog both surveyed the art and ecology field and the beginning of the Hollywood Forest Story in May 2008. It is archived at