I was so delighted to be part of this wonderful eco-social art project and exhibition last Thursday – it was a joy to support this fun and important project with amazing project designer-organiser, artist Jules Michael, and artist Annabel Konig and others from the Drummin Bog voluntary committee. And to use knowledge from my doctoral research on eco-social art practices so soon too was an unexpected pleasure. Thank you Jules for creating such an inspiring project and incredible installation.


Children and their parents arriving to Drummin Hall, South Carlow, Ireland for the An Fraughan exhibtion



A3 Front Small a.jpg

The A3 An Fraughan exhibtion poster designed by Carlow-based artist Jules Michaels. Photo: Cathy Fitzgerald 2019


A3 back .jpg

Art helps us slow down and look deeply. Art has magic too that makes things special. Eco-social art activities help us celebrate our unique and important places, such as our bogs and wetlands. Developing diverse creative expressions, whether we are young or old, translates our encounters with wildlife and plants to our particular place on on Earth. Then suddenly, when we bring our art together, we can see the bigger picture, the myriad beauty of how our lives co-exist and depend on many other life-forms thrivings. A communities’ eco-social art can teach and delight us. And most importantly, art has social power. Art can activate us to treasure the lands, water, flora and fauna that promotes wellbeing for us and future generations. […]

Read more via An Fraughan: Three Neighbouring Schools Exhibition Creates Buzz for Carlow’s Little Drummin Bog

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