Hollywood forest in Carlow is a citizen scientist for soil and climate with EU GROW Observatory

Creating a 'global soil map' to show how soil, from where we were born across the Earth, connects and supports us all, with Monkeyshine Theatre at the Grow Observatory Citizen Workshop at VISUAL Carlow on 1 Dec, 2018 Update: Grow Observatory is taking part in Ireland, across two areas: the South East (Carlow, Kilkenny, South…Read more Hollywood forest in Carlow is a citizen scientist for soil and climate with EU GROW Observatory

Creative Ireland Carlow supports two Drummin Bog eco-social art projects

I’m delighted to share that the Drummin Bog Project for Carlow’s only raised bog, has received support from Creative Ireland Carlow for two eco-social art projects.

I was particularly happy to find my doctoral research for developing an eco-social art practice theory and methodology framework, can be used not just for forests but bogs too!

The artistic team working for the Drummin Bog project includes fellow Nine Stone Artists: Jules Michael (lead artist for the projects), Martin Lyttle, Annabel Konig and other local artist-educator and art facilitator Mairead Holahan and Alexis Bernstorff.

The Drummin Bog Project: Celebrating Carlow's only Raised Bog

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 19.39.13.png The Drummin Bog Projects are two of 16 community art projects supported by Creative Ireland Carlow in 2018-19.

The Drummin Bog Project committee is delighted to announce that two proposals for the Drummin Bog Project are to be supported by Creative Ireland Carlow:

The Bog Rosemary and Fraughan Projects, listed below, build on the initiative of the Drummin Bog Project that created a successful community Hidden | Reveal art event at Visual Carlow, December 2017.

Drummin Bog is Carlow’s only raised bog. The Drummin Bog Project was formed in 2015 to conserve, restore and promote this special place. It is sited in a wider national context; as a member of the Community Wetlands Forum and as part of the overall growing environmental awareness of the importance of raised bogs, in their significance to lowering carbon emissions and as sensitive and important flora and fauna habitats.

The Drummin Bog project aims…

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Hidden: REVEAL See artworks online for Carlow Drummin Bog Project fundraiser Saturday 2 Dec, 5.30-7pm VISUAL Carlow

I’m delighted to be a volunteer on the committee for a new project that is celebrating County Carlow’s last remaining raised bog – Drummin Bog, near St Mullins.

It’s a great committee to be involved with and my artist colleague Jules Michaels has organised this art event fundraiser to engage the local community, many who don’t know that Carlow has a raised bog. I’ve enjoyed creating the website and online slideshow for this project and also in thinking about the power of bring art strategies to environmental projects.

As alongside the environmental studies, education, local history and access plans being organised for the bog, artistic strategies are being employed to engage the local community and visitors to the area.

From the project website:

“Funding is currently being sought to commission a suite of baseline scientific surveys and maps of the bog which will better inform and plan the future restoration of the site to active peat-forming capacity. This baseline data will initially include topographical, hydrogeological, geological and ecological. This will assist in monitoring the success of restoration measures undertaken.

Artistic strategies will also be employed alongside science activities to engage the hearts and minds of the local community to celebrate this unique natural heritage feature of South Carlow. Recording local cultural and folk histories of people who have long interacted with bog will be important. Artistic strategies to highlight the beauty and understanding of this unique natural heritage area are also planned to engage both the local community and visitors.

Overall, these science and art activities will develop the overall site at Drummin bog as a important South Carlow conservation, educational and amenity area for the local community and beyond.”

Enjoy the artworks and please do come and support the event on Sat 2 Dec at VISUAL Carlow if you are in the area.

See more at http://drumminbogproject.wordpress.com

The Drummin Bog Project: Celebrating Carlow's only Raised Bog

Hidden Reveal evite

Please see images below for the artworks kindly donated to the Drummin Bog Project Fundraiser Art Event.

Click on an image to see the full-size artwork itself and to enjoy all the artworks as slideshow.

The work will also be installed in VISUAL, Carlow to view from Wednesday 29th November.

Names of participating artists will be REVEALED at the sale of these works in VISUAL on Saturday 2 December 2017 from 5.30 – 7pm.

Artworks will be €30 each and frames will also be available to purchase. All proceeds will go to support the Carlow Drummin Bog project.

Our deep appreciation to all the participating artists
and do hope you can join us at VISUAL Carlow to celebrate the unique natural heritage of Carlow’s only raised bog.

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Lightfoot Iron and Trojan horses – doing the hard work in a forest

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