Cathy Davey Sings Us A New Forest

Eco-forest artist and art researcher Cathy Fitzgerald reviews Irish singer-songwriter Cathy Davey's music and videos for her New Forest (2016) album. Fitzgerald reflects how art is a powerful means and meme to engage and convey more life-sustaining eco-social understanding of the Symbiocene.

The art of Sitka spruce twigs, mud and moss: now at VISUAL Carlow

This is an update of a post I wrote on 20 August 2013. Found abandoned on the floor of Hollywood last weekend, two works of art... __________________________ Update Summer 2016: Fellow 9 Stone Artist Annabel Konig has developed a moving project about nests as a symbol for our many ideas about 'home'. The work of…Read more The art of Sitka spruce twigs, mud and moss: now at VISUAL Carlow

‘Lines of flight’ from the Hollywood project

Cathy Fitzgerald reflects on other close-to-nature, non clearfell forests being inspired by the Hollywood ecoart project, with Nicola Brown and Fritz Ringal, under the Blackstairs Mountains, Ireland.

Hollywood joins collective sustainability conversation at The Lab Gallery, Dublin

Pathways Towards Sustainability. A Collective Conversation. At the, Dublin. This panel discussion with Conall O’Connor, Cathy Fitzgerald, Meadhbh OConnor, Dr. Tamara Hochstrasser will map the ways in which individuals working in different fields are driving and implementing change towards a more environmentally sustainable future.

The Holly and the Ivy from Hollywood

Dear Hollywood diary readers and the increasing number of visitors to Hollywood, Many thanks for your comments, interest and support for the Hollywood project over the year. They have meant such a lot for this long, meandering artful-forest work. Here's wishing you all a very merry Christmas from us all at Hollywood! PS - If…Read more The Holly and the Ivy from Hollywood