The Hollywood Forest Story – ebook now on iTunes

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If you have an iTunes account, here is the link to download the free audio-visual eBook of the Hollywood Forest Story.

This audio-visual eBook is the cultural artefact (the evidence from my creative practice) and the critical introduction for my successful PhD by Practice – The Ecological Turn: Living Well with Forests to Articulate Eco-Social Art Practices Using a Guattari Ecosophy and Action Research Framework (2018).

The text and audio-visual material in this eBook reflects the central creative practice of blogging for this eco-social practice, from my blog My blog follows the ongoing (since 2008) transformation of a monoculture tree plantation into a permanent, mixed species forest following new-to-Ireland Close-to-Nature continuous cover forestry practices.

See the accompanying written PhD thesis at

Alternatively, if you do not have an iTunes accounty, a copy of the eBook is available as a print-on-demand book

or as PDF

Note: if reading the print or PDF version, the videos from the eBook can be seen on Vimeo