I have been invited to present my research and eco-social art practice at the  “Art & Activism: Resilience Techniques in Times of Crisis”, conference, to be held in The Netherlands between December 13th and 15th 2017. At the Research Center for Material Culture within the Museum Volkenkunde (National Museum of World Cultures) in the city of Leiden. Keynote Speakers include Prof. T.J Demos, Centre for Creative Ecologies, UC Santa Cruz.




Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 08.44.05Presenting my research and practice at Feeding the Insatiable: A Creative Summit -real and imagined narratives of art and energy for a troubled planet. Organised by Dr. Richard Povall, Dartington Hall, Devon, England from November 9-11, 2016.

2015-04-15 at 17-10-21 (1)

Presenting my research and practice at Being in Place, The Highs and Lows of Sited Practices, 24 and 25 Nov 2016, University of Dundee. Organised by Dr. Mary Modeen and Dr. Iain Biggs for PLaCE International.


Guest Lecturer, Burren College of Art, Ireland. ‘Developing a Transversal Eco-Social Art Practice’, November 23rd, 2016 from 11 am to 1pm, tutorial advice until 4:30pm.

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 14.19.16Presented my research and practice, recent summary video for Dr. Karen Till’s symposia and curated exhibition, and contributed to Dr. Gerry Kearns summary keynote panel on ecocide for the :

Mapping Spectral Traces VIII: The Place of the Wound Symposia, St. Patricks College, Maynooth College, Dublin. International and Irish artists, activists and scholars explore spatial justice 16-19 October 2016.

19 October, Wednesday: Healing Place and Restorative Justice :

Attending to Lands and Waters:  with Dr. Huhana Smith, Massey University (Aotearoa New Zealand); Cathy Fitzgerald, independent artist (NCAD, Ireland); Monica de Bath (Ireland), independent artist and others.

screen-shot-2016-06-03-at-22-38-24Exhibited as part of the Carlow 9 Stones Artists group, 2 July until 16 October 2016, at VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art, Carlow, Ireland.


Exhibited a summary video of the now 8 year Hollywood project, see video here and review of show here

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 13.32.04Presented my research and practice at OPEN FIELDS Conference and Exhibition

in the framework of RIXC Art Science Festival 2016
Riga, September 29 – October 1, 2016
Venue: The National Library of Latvia

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 13.05.15Shared a poster of my practice research at the  Teagasc and Galway County Council Farming and County Life 1916-2016 event, which seeks to commemorate the 100th year of Ireland’s Rising and to reflect on developments in farming and country life across Ireland over the last century. Read more here

Also at the AlterRurality 3 Conference, GMIT Letterfrack, June 6 – 9 2016.

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 13.01.08 Invited panel participant for Dublin City Arts
Office ‘Towards an Environmentally
Sustainable Future’ seminar

The Lab, Dublin Wednesday  11th of March,
2015, from 18.00 – 19.30More info here:
80brochure-cover-Rural-film-festival-2014-Blackstairs-449x1024Shared the Hollywood story ‘live’ in
Hollywood during the 1st
Rural Blackstairs film festival
in South Carlow, Ireland. See more here
Opening-circle-UtW_O9sziYHHR0h07DgtP2yPX33ENU_Nej1WhkvwCTgEvolving-our-New-Story-book-cover-smShared the ‘story of Hollywood’ at
Findhorn International New
Story Summit
, Scotland, 26 Sept-3 Oct, 2014.
See more here My post on the summit is here:
Circles for change
Article about my work posted to Findhorn
International Network is here
 IMG_1178Presented my arftul eco-forestry  work at Int. Geography
Conference (London)
29 Aug, 2014. Conference session
on ‘more-than-human participatory research’ 
see more here
Cathy_Fitz-UCDJuly2014Presented artful eco work research to ASLE-UKI
postgraduate research conference

UCD (Dublin, Ireland) 30-31 July, 2014.See more info here


 Cathy Fitzgerald: "it was misting" (1min iphone video)Presented ‘it was misting’ (2013) and ‘the black space:
resilience of the Ash night’ (2013) filmworks with the
South Carlow 9 Stones Artists group, Borris 13-15
, 2014See review here
IMG_1953Article on ‘Ecopornography versus the deep art
of place’
published in EarthLines, March 2014 (8)
pp. 42-45.
“In my work I feel like Joy Williams when she was
quoted in an article about ‘Ecoporn’ as saying that
‘nature photographs have become something of a
problem. As a visual arts practitioner and art research-
er informed by an earlier career in science, I have
worked on understanding how visual representations
and the visual tools we use may inadvertently deny
and obscure the violence of ecocide”.
I wrote an article ‘Toward an Ecology of Mind’ for the
PLaCE International 2013 Invisible Scotland
catalogue, after attending the symposia in Dundee
1-3 Aug 2013.
See catalogue article here
“It all looked so familiar. Looking out across rural
Scotland, and having live in Ireland these last 19
years, at the same dark blocks of monoculture
forests spreading out before us”.
I was invited by Irish ecological artist Kathy Herbert
to lead a public talk with her about her new work
House Trees and other Tales at deAppendix,
at a fascinating art residency space at artist –
Dr Ciara McMahon’s doctors surgery in Blackrock,
Co. Dublin, 18 July 2013. Kathy described how she
“‘works with the idea of “sharing space”, joining
man-made and natural imagery to imply equal
occupancy of the same space. This work draws
on the idea of respect for other living beings –
animals, plants etc., and implies that we are
not the only important beings on this planet.
I draw from nature, giving every living thing
equal value in the hope that it will be reflected
in our way of living on Earth.”
My two short films ‘burning bright’ and ‘the black
space:resilience of the ash night’ (2013) were
short-listed for the inaugural 2013 ForestEurope
‘Show off your Forest’ photography and film
see more here
Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 12.05.03
Short film ‘the black space: resilience of the ash
night’ was selected for the UCD science expression
pop-up cinema event at Dublin’s Botanic

Gardens 1-3 Nov 2013. See more herepp
Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 14.58.51

Invited guest post for The EarthLines

(Dr. Cat Lupton)’The Dilemma of Filming

(Cathy Fitzgerald,
2 September 2013) read here

Launched Irish Green Party Forest policy that
has as its key point to move away from clearfell,
monoculture plantations toward Continuous
Cover forestry, May 11, 2013.
This new ecological
forest model is the basis of my PhD inquiry that allows
me to examining deep sustainability through an art-led
practice-theory inquiry in the small conifer
plantation in which I am transforming to become
a permanent forest.
Proposed political motion which was unanimously
accepted by the Green Party of Ireland and Northern
Ireland to support developing international law to
end corporate ecocide. Adopted 13 April,
2013 Green Party Convention, Galway.
Ecocide is a
key term in my doctoral work. Vietnam was the first time
that ‘ecocide’ was established as a legal term to describe
longterm environmental destruction and I am a child of a
Vietnam veteran.
logoMy experimental Continuous Cover forest conifer
plantation transformation project is part of the Irish
COFORD forest institute research on Low Impact
Silviculture Systems (LISS
My forest was assessed in
January 2013.
Presented my work ‘Seeing and Tending the forest’
and latest film at Conference of Irish Geography,
Galway Dance Days,
Art & Geography seminars,
16-18 May, 2013.  p
SOTGT Book Spine Mockup - smallHollywood Diaries forest-art project was selected for
inclusion in Deep Ecologist, activist and educator
Joanna Macy’s inspired book,
Stories from the Great
for the ‘Great Turning Artful’ Chapter. Edited by
Peter Reason and Melanie Newman by VALA publishers, art
chapter by Dr. Chris Seeley, James Aldridge, Kathy Skerritt.
Publication 17 April 2013. Presented work at launch in Bristol
and showed my filmwork; the book has been since launched
in Sydney (by Deep Ecologist John Seed) and London and
turned into a musical event at Winchester Cathedral, 2014.
Presented my work on Deep sustainability and the art &
politics of forests
with my film ‘the hollywood diaries
‘ on 14 Feb. at The Gallery, Bournemouth
As part of my presentation I showed  a new film sketch
‘the black space (resilience) of the ash night.
Presented my work at UCC with Dr Graham Parkes, on a session of Philosophy and EcologyPresented work on deep sustainability and the art & politics
of forests
with my film ‘the hollywood diaries 2008-12′ at
Univ. College Cork for new course on Society
and Sustainability 16 Oct 2012 in Ecology and
Philosophy session with Dr. Graham Parkes.
Presented at the Assoc. Study Literature, Environment, Culture Australia-New Zealand conference, Melbourne, 2012

Presented my theory work ‘the ecocidal eye’ and my film ‘the
hollywood diaries 2008-12
‘  at the 2012 American Society
of Literature, Environment and Culture – Australia New
Zealand branch (ASLEC-ANZ) 4th Biennial Conference
‘Regarding the Earth’
in Melbourne. Since then a committee
member of ASLEC-ANZ.



My thanks
to the Irish Arts Council for
supporting my
work with a 2012 Arts council
Visual Arts Travel and Training Award.

Image of Presented my work on Deep sustainability and the art & politics of
with my film ‘the hollywood diaries 2008-12‘ at inaugural
Red Stables Art & Ecology Summer School, Dublin, July 2012.
My work and theory was reviewed in The Red Stables Art & Ecology
Summer School book (ISBN 978-0-9554281-8-0) essay by
Dr. Karen Till. Film was screened during the 2 week festival.
Presented Hollywood diaries 2008-12 film installation with Carlow 9 Stones Artists group, Deighton Hall, Carlow Arts Festival, June 2012
Presented Hollywood diaries 2008-12 film installation with the
South Carlow 9 Stones Artists group, Deighton Hall,
Carlow, Carlow Arts Festival, June 2012.
Presented my work with my film ‘the hollywood diaries
2008-12’  at The Home and the World’ art & ecology
summit in Devon, June 2012. My conference article:
Deep Sustainability and the Art & Politics of Forests.
Also article was also published on the UK ‘Save our Woods’
hercircle imageRegular contributor on art & ecology to the
international womens’ art and activism online
during 2010-11.
networking the arts to save the earthExtract of this article  (left) was published in the
Visual Ireland Artists Newsheet
Fitzgerald, C. (2011) ‘Networking the arts
to save the earth’.p.20.
 Attended the first UK Art and Forest conference,
organised by the UK RSA Art & Ecology Programme

and the UK Forest Commission, June 2009.
This was part of the 5 year UK RSA Art & Ecology
programme run over 2005-2010. I was involved in
initiating the online network for several hundred
eco art practitioners.
landingpage_cfAttended the first international Culture and Climate
conference, Culture|Futures (Copenhagen COP15
Climate Summit,  2009).
I wrote a review of this
conference here. I later provided online web development
support for the global culture and climate change
initiative for (during 2011).
talk by Cathy Fitzgerald April 2011 Presented work and films at research conference Will Beauty
Save the World
Bristol, 2010.Since that conference I am an
Associate Member of the UK Land2 Art and Land network.