‘The Battle of Moytura Or The Battle for the Soul of Ireland’:- why ecoliteracy for the arts is essential now

cathy fitzgerald | haumea ecoliteracy for the arts

This is a special post for me. I’m reflecting on the first of what I expect to be many more contributions from ecoliterate creatives I am getting to know in my online ecoliteracy course. I now have the good fortune to meet such talented creatives from all art disciplines and from across the world, in my efforts to bring ecoliteracy to the arts. Their work has nourished me in these challenging times.

I’d like to share this new work below from Irish writer Fearghal Duffy who has a deep interest in Irish myth and who was ‘a student’ in my first 6-week ‘Haumea Ecoliteracy for Creatives and Art Educators’ pilot online course (I hesitate to call my cohort ‘students’ as they are remarkably talented).

This new work from Fearghal came about as I invited my first cohort of students to present a small work for our last online Zoom group…

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The Head of a Pin – experimental films by Su Frederich 2004 and A. Sokurov

'So what exactly is this "nature" that’s so lovely and such a respite if it's filled with death and dismemberment? And what changes when we try to learn about it instead of just treating it as a pretty backdrop to our daily work and worries?' Su Frederich, experimental filmmaker USA / 2004 / 21 min…Read more The Head of a Pin – experimental films by Su Frederich 2004 and A. Sokurov

ash forest #1

22 apr 11:  remembering an encounter with young trees, trying to recreate the experience, draw attention to what we often overlook...and draw attention to how we construct encounters with naturecamera notes: used footage where I had accidentally left tripod in shot as had decided to explore handheld qualities of the 60D camera - too obvious…Read more ash forest #1