Cowhouse Studio artists visiting Hollywood Forest 2019

Hollywood Forest School – developing ecoliteracy for creative practices

Cathy Fitzgerald shares how Hollywood Forest is becoming a 'forest school' for artists and others thinking about applying ecoliteracy to their creative practices. Hollywood forest is part of the #GreenWave for #Ireland

I Dare You to Be Great: Love the Earth and Help Make it a Crime to Destroy the Earth

Imagine how powerful it would be if Greta Thunberg's million+ student's school strike movement connected with Polly Higgin's work to criminalise ecocide. An international crime of ecocide would immediately signal to corporations and heads of state that they would be legally accountable for destroying ecosystems.

ecopornography and a review of the ecocinema enquiry over 2012

see Africa trailer here 'Nobody, nobody, nobody (not even myself, my supervisors, and my assessor) is seriously going to want to read my thesis.' Research blogger, 'NottinghamFlorist' Guardian Higher Education Network on Academic Blogging, Oct, 19, 2012 This website is hosted by WordPress, the largest online blogging platform and they recently sent out stats…Read more ecopornography and a review of the ecocinema enquiry over 2012