I’m one of the 9 Stones Artists in South Carlow. Here is news about our latest project – a very special handmade limited edition Artists Book, with woodcut prints from all the artists. It is presented as an installation and forms part of the new season of art at Visual Carlow. Opening tomorrow at 3pm, until 19 May.

Special thanks to 9 Stone Artist Anthony Lyttle for teaching us the fascinating art of woodcut printing. Thanks also to artist bookmaker Ciara Healy for helping inspire us and in her work to create such a beautiful book and poem from the two words we all submitted.

I chose the new word ‘Symbiocene’ (the opposite of the Anthropocene -thanks Glenn Albrecht) and ‘stories’ and attempted to create two prints of tree branches (without smudging)

The Nine Stones Artists South County Carlow

The 9 Stones Artists' Book installed in Visual on a special bench of flattened corrugated iron and glass, designed by 9 Stones Artist Remco De Fouw The 9 Stones Artists’ Book installed in Visual on a special bench of flattened corrugated iron and glass, designed by 9 Stones Artist Remco De Fouw

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 11.09.39Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 21.40.55

On display at Visual, Centre for Contemporary Art Carlow.
09 February – 19 May 2019
Opening Sat 9 February 2019, at 3pm.

9 Stones Artists members:

Michelle Byrne, Cathy Fitzgerald, Annabel Konig, Anthony Lyttle, Remco de Fouw,
Martin Lyttle, Jules Michael, Rachel Joynt, & Gwen Wilkinson.

The 9 Stones Artists’ Book Project is a collaborative project by 9 Stones Artists and  Ciara Healy, a Curator, Critical Writer, Book Artist and Lecturer in Art, Culture
& Heritage at IT Carlow.

9 Stone Artist, Anthony Lyttle, uses woodcuts as an integral part of his practice. In sharing his specific knowledge through workshops, the 9 Stones Artists were introduced to a new skill and visual language.

The outcome, a book of hand-printed woodblock prints, reflects on a…

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2 thoughts on “The 9 Stones Artists’ Book Project

  1. Dear Cathy,
    My husband and I are going to visit Ireland from May 3- May 10th. Would love to try and connect with you, we will be doing a loop around the south end of the island, and then looping back up towards Dublin. I see Carlow is on our route down. Any chance we could connect on the May 4th or on May 8th or 9th. We have land and forest in Nova Scotia that we’re planning to begin sharing with artists and eco- practitioners

    Would love to see you again.
    Ana Flores – my email is ana@earthinform.com

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