Albatross the film – translating grief through art inspires global #beatplasticpollution movement

Some of the key images that have caught our hearts have been the result of some tireless individuals, who with artistic skills have been translating the throw-away-and-forget horror of our modern way of life. I'm sharing news that in a few days, a lead artist against pollution, photographer Chris Jordan, whose images early on impressed initial horror and grief on the state of our oceans, is releasing his feature length film Albatross free to the world on World Ocean's Day June 8, 2018.

Ecocentric cinema by Andrew Denton One of the filmmakers I met in Melbourne at the ASLEC-ANZ Regarding the Earth: Ecological Vision in Word and Image 2012 conference was Andrew Denton, who is a senior digital design lecturer at AUT Auckland. I was delighted to see his work as he like me is a NZer and often examines forests in…Read more Ecocentric cinema by Andrew Denton

The ‘taxonomy’ of nature cinema and popularising science

This is a diagram I came across a few months ago in a book called Watching Wildlife by Cynthia Chris.  I know the work of one of the artists who created the diagram - Mark Dion. I looked at Dion's work closely for my undergraduate thesis and later article on Science and the Eclipse of the…Read more The ‘taxonomy’ of nature cinema and popularising science

American nature film: representations of dominion and imperialism by Ronald B Tobias

American nature film: representations of dominion and imperialism

Cathy Fitzgerald reviews ecocinema book Film and the American Moral Vision of Nature: : Theodore Roosevelt to Walt Disney (2011) by Ronald B. Tobias. This book discusses nature dioramas of the early 20th century and 'how such animal exhibits conveyed a suspended visual statement of the newly understood superior natural order of nature, a new moral vision that became a powerful analogy to the rising and powerful modern America'. And later the repercussions: 'Throughout American nature cinema, from early films of the American West, to Africa and the South Pacific, to Disney’s animations and TrueLife nature documentaries...reveals that much of American nature film is 'couched nature within a uniquely American moral code' and imperialistic perspectives'

ecologies of the moving image – new ecocinema book by adrian ivakhiv

'The Zone is the Zone of Cinema. The camera is in the Zone. We don’t see it; we are it' Adrian Ivakhiv, 2012 Due out next year is another new academic text adding to the small field of ecocriticism as it applies to thinking about cinema - the full title is listed as Ecologies of…Read more ecologies of the moving image – new ecocinema book by adrian ivakhiv

New book: Ecocinema Theory and Practice

Just published a couple of days ago: Edited by Stephen Rust, Salma Monani, Sean Cubitt Published August 25th 2012 by Routledge – 344 pages Series: AFI Film Readers Introduction: Cuts to Dissolves: Defining and Situation Ecocinema Studies Stephen Rust and Salma Monani | I. Ecocinema Theory  1. The Eco-Cinema Experience Scott McDonald 2. The Aesthetics…Read more New book: Ecocinema Theory and Practice