more ash night shots – fire and opera

Over the last week or so, with an unusual spell of dry weather, I've been taking more night shots of my young Ash trees. The other night, after coming home late from a meeting, when driving into our small forest I noticed our mountain was on fire.  Its the time of year that local farmers…Read more more ash night shots – fire and opera

the black space (resilience) of the ash night

.. the black space/ that creates the universe, would...'        poet Deryn Rees-Jones 2008 I've often noticed the areas in my forest that are regenerating well; 'long live the weeds and the wildness yet'* that is so much a part of a healthy forest. If I look carefully and low down its hard not to miss…Read more the black space (resilience) of the ash night

screen reel 2008-12 for 9 Stones Artists exhibition, Carlow

screen reel cathy fitzgerald 2008-12 SD & HD 8:54* * Above is the video work I have put together for my video installation for the 9 Stones Artists exhibition I am involved with - it opens next Saturday at Deighton Hall, Carlow (opposite main An Post/Post office) from 12 pm, opening reception at 6pm. I…Read more screen reel 2008-12 for 9 Stones Artists exhibition, Carlow


In Ireland, during Nov 2010, we had huge snowfalls that accompanied the arrival of the IMF and our economic collapse. Much of mainstream media is focussed on continuing global economic difficulties but the more frequently occurring extreme weather events and biosphere instability caused by our runaway growth-dependent economies (which some think is at the basis…Read more Perfect

forest description in 60 sec

15 July 11: I spent a number of weeks learning about sound and sound recording for two reasons.To improve the sound quality of my film work but also my initial theory studies on the possibility of an ecocinema, itself a new area of study, seemed to often ignore the aural qualities of cinematic media that…Read more forest description in 60 sec