“…imagine a future where the principles by which the world operates are golden rules:
first do no harm, care for all life, seek joy …

‘Dear Dandelion’ – A poem by Jojo Mehta dedicated to the memory of Polly Higgins 1968-2019.

On Easter Sunday I was reflecting on the sudden, tragic loss of an outstanding, compassionate, ecological lawyer, the late Polly Higgins, two years previously. I had the good fortune to meet Polly twice. For me, the legacy through her work, talks and books and the amazing Stop Ecocide international team she cofounded, is leadership founded on a profoundly cultivated ecological consciousness, that fully understood that all species wellbeing and planetary citizenship is based on a duty of care – an expanded practice of compassion for all life.

I was very moved to discover her co-founder Jojo Mehta’s poem tribute to Polly below and now when I see Easter dandelions growing innumerable seeds that will spread far and wide, I think of Polly’s clear vision that people across Earth would come together to protect life on Earth. And there is brilliant news for me personally from raising awareness of ecocide law developments here in Ireland – now Aotearoa New Zealand has a developing Stop Ecocide campaign too (thank you sister Joanie for helping link people there to Polly’s team). Hurray!

So ‘Dearest Polly, the seeds are growing.’ see www.stopECOCIDE.earth

I also highly recommend Polly’s lesser known book Dare to be Great too – she shares her personal story and practices that helped her and invites us all to step forward to safeguard ourselves, others, and the wider community of life in these urgent times.

What you can do RIGHT NOW with just a few clicks to spread Polly’s work:

PS just after I posted this I noted a new short video from Aotearoa New Zealand that shares the Indigenous ecological consciousness that is becoming more mainstream there. Even the CEO Peter Chrisp of New Zealand Trade & Enterprise – a business-focused government department – is releasing videos like this one, speaking to looking after Aotearoa’s precious natural environment?

I somehow think the stopecocide campaign will fly back home – and I still miss NZ’s forests.

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