burning bright

burning bright 2009 1:30

‘Thank you so much for your fantastic videos. They are deeply moving in their simplicity. The videos are very moving, the transition of smoke to life is a very clear way of communicating this huge catastrophe on an intimate scale.‘ Kevin Buckland, Art Ambassador, 350.org 2010

Rather than relaying scientific facts, this personal short film essay reflects on the need to examine natural processes to become aware of the natural cycles in nature. The visual and sound elements are poetic rather than didactic and the short film uses beauty and personal local observations and the forest itself to convey sensations instead of facts, to connect with audiences with another perspective of nature. Emphasis is working with nature rather than conservation/species loss.

Exhibition history:
10.10.10 Submitted to the www.350.org global day of action on climate change
2010 entered in the Darklight/ EU Commission My Environment, My Film online competition
2010 Shown at the Shankhill International Arts Festival, Kilkenny
2009 Shown as an installation work at the Norman Gallery, Wexford, 9 Stone Group Show
2009 Selected for Wylie OHagan Online festival
2009 Selected for Carlow Eigse Film Programme;  2009 Green Party Youtube Film Award

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