So delighted to help raise the profile of this precious wetland habitat in my local area. It’s been such an age since I got out my video gear – in the end, the best idea as we were under time constraints was to use the mobile phone. It was a real joy to film on such a beautiful Autumn day too – you can see why wee Drummin bog is sometimes called ‘red bog’. Please do VOTE for Drummin bog and share this post – thank you@ 🙂

Jules Michael and Martin Lyttle (Chair) of the Drummin Bog Committee speaking about Drummin Bog and the wonderful support from LEADER

The Drummin Bog committee is delighted to share that over several years it developed a comprehensive and successful application for generous LEADER funding. This funding allowed a full range of scientific investigations of Drummin bog in early 2020, just before the lockdown.

LEADER funding helped us employ a range of professionals to help us understand the structure and the processes of the bog and to obtain baseline data. These included Topography, Geology, Hydrogeology, Ecology and Forestry and has involved a aerial drone survey, geophysical surveys, taking core samples, installation of water monitoring wells and of a weather station.

The Drummin Bog Committee will be excited to share these reports in a series of posts and podcasts on this site in the coming months.

In the meantime, members of the…

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