Sometimes a voice is sent to calm our deepest fears

Sometimes a hearty laugh will banish all our tears

Sometimes words will wing our dreaming ever higher

And sometimes a mind will set our imaginations afire.

John Quinn, Walking on the Pastures of Wonder, 2015

Polly Higgins, Earth Warrior and advocate for developing law against the crime of ecocide: 1969 - 21 April, 2019.

Polly Higgins, Earth Warrior and advocate for developing the international law against the crime of ecocide: 1969 – 21 April, 2019. RIP.

Today, is a very poignant Earth Day. Last night, on Easter Sunday, I heard the very sad news that Polly Higgins, the Scottish Earth lawyer and champion for the better, more beautiful world we know is possible, passed away from a recently diagnosed, agressive cancer. (In my last post, I wrote how she inspired my and many others’ work, and how I had the honour and great pleasure to meet her twice too).

A few hours later, the news had spread to London, to all the people standing up for the Earth amongst the Extinction Rebellion Earth protests (and the global Rebellion Week and movement, with groups here in Ireland too). Many people across the world are grieving the loss of Polly as a warm-hearted champion for the Earth, an inspirational speaker and courageous lawmaker, and an encouraging friend to so many.

In the month since her the shock of her terminal illness was made public, there is a great sense that her work to ecognise ecocide (the destruction of the living world) as a crime, is being spoken about as the critical legal mechanism to safeguard the Earth and all its inhabitants. Young and new campaigners are hearing about her work now as never before. I know Polly’s team had been in touch with Greta Thunberg in recent weeks, which is so encouraging.

Polly’s work is continuing in a variety of ways and you can help.  Signing up on her website will help other law-makers develop ecocide crime as the missing crime against peace, at an international level. A law that recognises ecocide would identify and punish corporate and state-leaders but the main aim Polly always insisted, is that a strong law would leverage all business to quickly move toward life-sustaining operations, in much the same ways laws help end slavery but allowed business to work in new ways that didnt inflict misery on others.

Polly and her team had already been working on making her campaign more visible and last week a new logo and website that includes a map of all that have signed up to support her law across the Earth, went live. Use the logos on your social media, and street protests. It represent peace, a tree or human figure, the circle  -the Earth. And, if you are an Earth activist, Polly’s legal documents may help you as a conscientous protector. There is so much she has done to pave the way for all of us.

I’m still taking in the news that such a much needed, genourous and compassionate person has gone so suddenly. Thank you Polly for empowering all us to work for a beautiful, just and thriving world. My condolences to her family and her many friends.

For this year’s Earth Day, if you haven’t done so already, please sign up to be an Earth Protector. It only costs £5 and then you become a legal trustee for the Earth.

‘By signing up as an Earth Protector you are clearly stating that you believe that damage and destruction to the Earth and its inhabitants is a crime – and you will have a unique Trust Fund document in your name to show this, which carries legal weight.  It can be used in court as primary evidence that:




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