I was thrilled and a little bit nervous to be asked to write an article about Hollywood Forest and my creative practice for the US Minding Nature journal over the summer. MINDING NATURE is a journal exploring conservation values and the practice of ecological democratic citizenship

I have been following this fantastic multidisciplinary journal for the Centre for Humans and Nature for many years and it introduced me to the most amazing thought leaders for the ecological emergency: writer and ecological philosopher Kathleen Dean Moore, Indigenous scientist writer Robin Kimmerer, philosopher Glenn Albrecht and the work of many more creative people as well. Do sign up for their newsletter and see their invitation to publish too.

I wish to thank Contributing Editor Jeremy Ohmes for patiently guiding my article through the editing process and the very kind encouragement from Editor-in-Chief Bruce Jennings.

Wow, ‘the little wood that could’ is bringing a story of the Symbiocene around planet Earth.

‘The Hollywood Forest Story—Eco-Social Art Practice for the Symbiocene’ appeared in Minding Nature, Vol. 12. No. 3 (Fall 2019), a publication of the Center for Humans and Nature (www.humansandnature.org).

Screen Shot 2019-11-11 at 13.08.10

Download the full article (PDF) here: The_Hollywood_Forest_Story

The Minding Nature online version of my article contains some short video works. Do feel free to comment on the article on the Humans and Culture website, thanks all!

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