In May and June I wrote an article and gave a couple of talks about ‘Goodbye Anthropocene: Hello Symbiocene.

It has been my most read post with over 900 views! I talked about a new era and new terms of how humanity can picture its living well with the Earth’ other inhabitants. This new framework created by philosopher Glenn Albrecht is detailed in his new book Earth Emotions: New Words for a New World (Cornell Press, 2019).

I’m now delighted to share that my article is to be published on the US Minding Nature journal in the Autumn! I’m thrilled – news of the Symbiocene and how we can be part of a better, more beautiful and just world will gain an even bigger audience.

In my article I talked about the extraordinary forest researcher Suzanne Simard. You may like this recent new animation from one of her doctoral students below, Camille Defrenne.

Many thanks if you shared my article too. Hope you like the video!

2 thoughts on “Trees and fungi make forests and show us the relationality of the Symbiocene

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