New book: Ecocinema Theory and Practice

Just published a couple of days ago: Edited by Stephen Rust, Salma Monani, Sean Cubitt Published August 25th 2012 by Routledge – 344 pages Series: AFI Film Readers Introduction: Cuts to Dissolves: Defining and Situation Ecocinema Studies Stephen Rust and Salma Monani | I. Ecocinema Theory  1. The Eco-Cinema Experience Scott McDonald 2. The Aesthetics…Read more New book: Ecocinema Theory and Practice

Ecopornography, slow violence and the deep, slow art of place

Please note: a revised and extended new version of this article will be published in the EarthLines March 2014 magazine see here .   "Nature photographs have become something of a problem', Joy Williams, quoted by Bart Welling in Ecoporn: on the limits of visualising the nonhuman, 2009. "The representational challenges are acute, requiring creative…Read more Ecopornography, slow violence and the deep, slow art of place

breathing with the alder: C fitzgerald 2011

a glossary of ecocritical terms

breathing with the alder: video still   c fitzgerald, 2011 A very useful glossary of ecocritical terms can be found in Lawrence Buell's excellent overview 'the Future of environmental criticism - environmental crisis and literary imagination' (2005) Most ecocritical thought has developed in literary studies. Only very recently, post 2004, has activity occurred in film /…Read more a glossary of ecocritical terms