New book: Ecocinema Theory and Practice

Just published a couple of days ago: Edited by Stephen Rust, Salma Monani, Sean Cubitt Published August 25th 2012 by Routledge – 344 pages Series: AFI Film Readers Introduction: Cuts to Dissolves: Defining and Situation Ecocinema Studies Stephen Rust and Salma Monani | I. Ecocinema Theory  1. The Eco-Cinema Experience Scott McDonald 2. The Aesthetics…Read more New book: Ecocinema Theory and Practice

Ecopornography, slow violence and the deep, slow art of place

Please note: a revised and extended new version of this article will be published in the EarthLines March 2014 magazine .   "Nature photographs have become something of a problem', Joy Williams, quoted by Bart Welling in Ecoporn: on the limits of visualising the nonhuman, 2009. "The representational challenges are acute, requiring creative ways of…Read more Ecopornography, slow violence and the deep, slow art of place

breathing with the alder: C fitzgerald 2011

a glossary of ecocritical terms

breathing with the alder: video still   c fitzgerald, 2011 A very useful glossary of ecocritical terms can be found in Lawrence Buell's excellent overview 'the Future of environmental criticism - environmental crisis and literary imagination' (2005) Most ecocritical thought has developed in literary studies. Only very recently, post 2004, has activity occurred in film /…Read more a glossary of ecocritical terms