breathing with the alder: C fitzgerald 2011

a glossary of ecocritical terms

breathing with the alder: video still   c fitzgerald, 2011 A very useful glossary of ecocritical terms can be found in Lawrence Buell's excellent overview 'the Future of environmental criticism - environmental crisis and literary imagination' (2005) Most ecocritical thought has developed in literary studies. Only very recently, post 2004, has activity occurred in film /…Read more a glossary of ecocritical terms

Land, Art: a Cultural Ecology Handbook

I found the following UK published book (found in the Barcelona modern art museum) a real insight to the growing numbers of art & ecology projects that are happening around the world. There are too few books that investigate this area in any depth, so a real find! Highly recommended. Land, Art: a Cultural Ecology…Read more Land, Art: a Cultural Ecology Handbook