New book: Ecocinema Theory and Practice

Above: Two instances of wind from Tarkovsky's "Zerkalo" (Mirror), spliced together * New book due Aug 2012: Ecocinema Theory and Practice   'Most academic film studies professionals don't take nature film seriously, either historically or theoretically. Indeed, there are few better indications of the educationally counterproductive gap between the humanities and the sciences', Scott Macdonald,…Read more New book: Ecocinema Theory and Practice

Are you an ecocritic? See if you meet these 6 points…

I've started to look more closely at ecocriticism, an area of relatively new activity in Literature theory in the past 15 years. In very recent years such activities are spreading to ecocritical examinations of other cultural forms, for e.g. cinema. (I know, its surprising how recent this all is, considering the state of the earth…Read more Are you an ecocritic? See if you meet these 6 points…

breathing with the alder: C fitzgerald 2011

a glossary of ecocritical terms

breathing with the alder: video still   c fitzgerald, 2011 A very useful glossary of ecocritical terms can be found in Lawrence Buell's excellent overview 'the Future of environmental criticism - environmental crisis and literary imagination' (2005) Most ecocritical thought has developed in literary studies. Only very recently, post 2004, has activity occurred in film /…Read more a glossary of ecocritical terms