New book: Ecocinema Theory and Practice

Just published a couple of days ago:

Edited by Stephen Rust, Salma Monani, Sean Cubitt

Published August 25th 2012 by Routledge – 344 pages

Series: AFI Film Readers

  • Introduction: Cuts to Dissolves: Defining and Situation Ecocinema Studies Stephen Rust and Salma Monani
    I. Ecocinema Theory
  • 1. The Eco-Cinema Experience Scott McDonald
  • 2. The Aesthetics and Ethics of Eco-film Criticism David Ingram
  • 3. Ecocinema and Ideology Andrew Hageman
  • 4. An Ecophilosophy of the Moving Image: Cinema as Anthrobiogeomorphic Machine Adrian Ivakhiv

                   II. EcoCinema Practice: Wildlife and Documentary Film

  • 5. Penguins are Good to Think With: Wildlife Films, the Imaginary Shaping of Nature, and Environmental Politics Luis Vivanco
  • 6. Working with Animals: Regarding Companion Species in Documentary Film Jennifer Ladino
  • 7. Beyond Fluidity: A Cultural History of Cinema Under Water Nicole Starosielski
  • 8. Nature Writes the Screenplays: Commercial Wildlife Films and Ecological Entertainment Claire Molloy

                 III: EcoCinema Practice: Hollywood and Fictional Film

  • 9. Hollywood and Climate Change Stephen Rust
  • 10. Appreciating the Views: Filming Nature in Into the Wild, Grizzly Man, and Into the West Pat Brereton
  • 11. Sympathy for the Devil: The Cannibalistic Hillbilly in 1970s Rural Slasher Films Carter Soles 
  • IV. Beyond Film 

    12. Environmental Film Festivals: Beginning Explorations at the Intersections of Film Festival Studies and Ecocinema Studies Salma Monani

  • 13. Everyone Knows This is Nowhere: Data Visualization and Ecocriticism Sean Cubitt

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