robinson in ruins

This is a thoughtful innovative experimental documentary work by Patrick Keiller and one which I was initially excited about as the film address ecological and related economic concerns but somehow the narration for such an extended piece made it slightly soporific (as also noted in the below review) - that was the case for the…Read more robinson in ruins

burning bright

burning bright 2009 1:30 'Thank you so much for your fantastic videos. They are deeply moving in their simplicity. The videos are very moving, the transition of smoke to life is a very clear way of communicating this huge catastrophe on an intimate scale.' Kevin Buckland, Art Ambassador, 2010 Rather than relaying scientific facts,…Read more burning bright

Framing the World – two timely new books on ecocriticism and film

5 Dec 2010: Short Ecocinema book review - Twelve essays  in four parts, focusing on ecocinema as activist cinema; the representation of environmental justice issues in Hollywood; independent and foreign films, the representation of animals, ecosystems, natural and human-made landscapes and readings of two mainstream eco-auteurs, Kiyoshi Kurosawa and Peter Greenaway, Framing the World; explorations…Read more Framing the World – two timely new books on ecocriticism and film