The Anthropocene Project 2013-14 Berlin

Update 2021: I wrote the below post when I began my doctoral studies. My studies changed to embrace broader developments in the art and ecology field and to specifically explain long term ecological art practices. I now teach a unique ONLINE course - the Haumea Essential Ecoliteracy 7-week course - to help creatives and art…Read more The Anthropocene Project 2013-14 Berlin

ecology without nature and the eco-cosmopolitan

Cultural philosopher Slavoj Zizek: speaking on rubbish and ecology - 'This is where we should start feeling at 'home' Zizek's popular excerpt from Examined Life (150 000 youtube views) from the 2008 documentary on contemporary philosophy directed by Astra Taylor . At the end of this month I will be in the very fortunate position…Read more ecology without nature and the eco-cosmopolitan