‘Lets be clear -The Anthropocene is the ‘age of the sociopath’

"All of this is crucial, because perpetrators of atrocity so often attempt to convince themselves and everyone else that what they’re doing is natural or right. The word “Anthropocene” attempts to naturalize the murder of the planet by pretending the problem is “man,” and not a specific type of man connected to this particular culture.…Read more ‘Lets be clear -The Anthropocene is the ‘age of the sociopath’

The Anthropocene Project 2013-14 Berlin

Update 2021: I wrote the below post when I began my doctoral studies. My studies changed to embrace broader developments in the art and ecology field and to specifically explain long term ecological art practices. I now teach a unique ONLINE course - the Haumea Essential Ecoliteracy 7-week course - to help creatives and art…Read more The Anthropocene Project 2013-14 Berlin