In Ireland, during Nov 2010, we had huge snowfalls that accompanied the arrival of the IMF and our economic collapse. Much of mainstream media is focussed on continuing global economic difficulties but the more frequently occurring extreme weather events and biosphere instability caused by our runaway growth-dependent economies (which some think is at the basis…Read more Perfect

ecocriticism in film book 2010

what is ecocinema? an evolving term

Ecocinema Is a  term originally from a 2004 Scott MacDonald  'Towards an ecocinema' article. It was further explored in 2010 in Framing the world, explorations in ecocriticism and film, edited by Paula Willoquet-Maricondi (I have written a short post about this book here). From that book ecocinematic films were classified as follows:ecocinematic films:-‘are films thatovertly engage…Read more what is ecocinema? an evolving term