the place of artists cinema – off and online

I have often wondered on the new opportunities and places where artists cinema is exhibited. A most comprehensive recent overview is by irish academic, Maeve Connolly in her book 'The place of Artists' Cinema: Space, Site and Screen' (2009). However, while it does detail the relatively recent rise of artists cinema in supposedly 'non-commercial galleries,…Read more the place of artists cinema – off and online

ash forest #1

22 apr 11:  remembering an encounter with young trees, trying to recreate the experience, draw attention to what we often overlook...and draw attention to how we construct encounters with naturecamera notes: used footage where I had accidentally left tripod in shot as had decided to explore handheld qualities of the 60D camera - too obvious…Read more ash forest #1

robinson in ruins

This is a thoughtful innovative experimental documentary work by Patrick Keiller and one which I was initially excited about as the film address ecological and related economic concerns but somehow the narration for such an extended piece made it slightly soporific (as also noted in the below review) - that was the case for the…Read more robinson in ruins