ash forest #1

22 apr 11:  remembering an encounter with young trees, trying to recreate the experience, draw attention to what we often overlook…and draw attention to how we construct encounters with naturecamera notes: used footage where I had accidentally left tripod in shot as had decided to explore handheld qualities of the 60D camera – too obvious perhaps? left sound as recorded – first time using dslr – overdone short depth of field!

content notes: most ‘new world’  ‘forestry’ over the last 150 years has focused on ignoring natural regeneration in favour of short-term rotation single species in straight lines to the detriment of biodiversity, forest resilience (health – more critical due to changing climate / related pest imbalances ) not to mention ignoring the possibility of establishing more ecologically and economically viable permanent forests


this self-narrated diary essay film perhaps follows on more directly with my previous short films, burning bright 2008, once i counted birds, 2009. Film style is low-budget, personal, poetic, fresh?

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