Tree-Marking for beginners – a review

Jan Alexander leading the Tree-Marking Workshop, ‘Holly’wood, Carlow, Ireland, Apr 08
The new Tree-Markers, in training!, originally uploaded by CathyArt.

While in the last week we have seen the 2nd stage of conversion of our spruce plantation into a forest, I was cleaning up my studio when I found the notes that Jan Alexander had given us during the Tree-Marking workshop day last April.

I was going over them when I thought I should log them in case I lose them again but also to explain to recent readers what ‘tree-marking’ is all about. It’s not rocket science to create a sustainable forest. Thinning in a close to nature way has these aims: to retain max species diveristy, more diversity in stem diam. & height, improve quality of trees by removing poor trees, to encourage any natural regeneration (self-seeded trees) etc.

Here are the key questions to ask yourself when marking trees for removal, I’ll upload the full notes for you to download soon

Is it competing with a ‘future’ ( a quality tree you want to keep) tree?
Is it a poorer quality than its neighbour?
Is it of a size that is over-represented in the stand?
Is there regeneration nearby that would benefit from its removal?

Martin has just come into say that Chris (our forester) has arrived and has brought his ‘Iron horse!’ Will tell you more about that later, also I’ve just seen that two art heroes of mine, the Newtown Harrisons are in London – they have been working on climate change/eco area with scientists and communities, creating art projects and changing/creating new policies,  in a project like way, since the 70s…I first heard of them in 2000 and while full of admiration then, I’d never thought I’d have the confidence to work like that. Just maybe, I might go and report back…

PS this great photo was taken by my friend and photographer, Gwen Wilkinson, see more pictures of the project here


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