Burning Bright selected for Eigse 2009 Film programme

Hi all,

Just found out that my film that I made for Biodiversity week 2008 Burning Bright, has been selected for the Carlow 2009 Eigse Film programme. Yay!!! I know some of you watched this film as it was selected earlier this year for the Green Party’s youtube film festival and asked me how it go on there. It didn’t feature much there as I inadvertently sent people to watch it on my youtube channel, not on the official Green Party youtube channel! I’ve learnt a lesson from that – don’t enter competitions if you are suffering from jet lag.

Anyway, it’s nice that is getting a public outing; it will be screened in The Tower (part of the Dinn Ri complex) in Carlow Town on Wednesday 17th June 2009. Time is still to be confirmed but it will most likely be 7 or 8pm. Each participating filmmaker is entitled to free admission for them and a guest. Additional tickets will cost €6.

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