FINDING SHELTER – 10 ton temporary Willow Sculpture in Ireland’s peatlands

Kevin O’Dwyer, Director, Sculpture in the Parklands introduces the programme taking place around environmental artist Patrick Dougherty’s residency at the sculpture park

For three weeks this summer (26 May – 14 June) internationally renowned environmental artist Patrick Dougherty and his helpers will twist, weave and entangle hundreds of willow saplings to create a monumental work of art for Sculpture in the Parklands. Dougherty states “ I intend to build a walk through work which embodies momentum and the forces of nature. The sculpture will rise above the grove of Alder trees in the parklands and will include hallways and swirling chambers”. The proposed sculpture will consume over 10 ton of willow saplings and involve the assistance of 8-10 helpers over a three-week period.

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