Hello world! Welcome to my art and ecology Notes!

A site listing ideas and links to inspiring art and ecology projects!Untitled Drawing of fir trees, India by E.K. Rarpan?

I thought my first post should be an image – here is one that I have kept for many years.

It is a drawing from a man selling artworks from his family home in India. I suppose my first trip away from New Zealand, I was surprised to see all the gum trees on the Indian continent, thinking that they only ‘lived’ in Australia. This drawing caught my eye, amongst this artist’s paintings – an amazingly well executed drawing, and to him, of an exotic tree. I now live in a 2 acre spruce fir wood; blanket plantations of fir trees often draw negative comment these days, but I like this drawing as it reminds one of beauty of firs minus the ‘monoculture farming’ politics of modern tree planting.

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