#FridayArt4Emergency: The Carole Nelson Trio – ‘Arboreal’ -the Album!

Carole Nelson is one of a number of Irish artists with an international vocation who has resisted the lure of the city and is rewriting the association of rural Ireland [...]Aintzane Legarreta Mentxaka, 'Recensioni / Reviews', Studi irlandesi Irish Studies (2019), pp.606-617 All Things 'Arboreal': Jazz and Forests? This time last year, I had been…Read more #FridayArt4Emergency: The Carole Nelson Trio – ‘Arboreal’ -the Album!

Mother trees – the Earth’s networks for resilience

It being Mother's day here in Ireland, it seems appropriate to post this video. University of British Columbia professor of forest mycology, Suzanne Simard, leads us through the forest to investigate forest underground communities (her research, some of which you can find online is fascinating, particularly if you are managing a forest employing selective harvesting…Read more Mother trees – the Earth’s networks for resilience