Rowan Lear and Angela Jerardi, Cowhouse artists-in-residence visitors to Hollywood forest, November 28, 2017.

Contributing to the Cowhouse Studios ‘How to Flatten A Mountain’ 2018 artists residency

Eco-social artist Cathy Fitzgerald, will be offering an ecoliteracy toolbox of sorts for the Cowhouse Studios 2018 How to Flatten a Mountain Artists Residency : comprising ideas from science, environmental philosophy, and examples from effective and established eco-social art practices. The aim is to help the artists reflect on how they might more accurately read the environmental realities here during their residency, but also to equip the artists with new ways of thinking for their own home places, so they can create informed and engaging responses for their audiences.

Hollywood even gets Christmas presents now!

At a recent ProSilva forest day I ran into a forest friend  Jonathan Spazzi, an Irish based Italian born forester who is also a mycologist (a fungi expert). I had attended Jonathan's fungi foraging workshop organised by Blackstairs ecotrails about two years ago and was surprised at the variety growing in woods in the area.…Read more Hollywood even gets Christmas presents now!

Mother trees – the earths’s networks for resilience

It being Mother's day here in Ireland, it seems appropriate to post this video. University of British Columbia professor of forest mycology, Suzanne Simard, leads us through the forest to investigate forest underground communities (her research, some of which you can find online is fascinating, particularly if you are managing a forest employing selective harvesting…Read more Mother trees – the earths’s networks for resilience