the place of artists cinema – off and online

I have often wondered on the new opportunities and places where artists cinema is exhibited. A most comprehensive recent overview is by irish academic, Maeve Connolly in her book 'The place of Artists' Cinema: Space, Site and Screen' (2009). However, while it does detail the relatively recent rise of artists cinema in supposedly 'non-commercial galleries,…Read more the place of artists cinema – off and online

ecocriticism in film book 2010

what is ecocinema? an evolving term

Ecocinema Is a  term originally from a 2004 Scott MacDonald  'Towards an ecocinema' article. It was further explored in 2010 in Framing the world, explorations in ecocriticism and film, edited by Paula Willoquet-Maricondi (I have written a short post about this book here). From that book ecocinematic films were classified as follows:ecocinematic films:-‘are films thatovertly engage…Read more what is ecocinema? an evolving term

breathing with the alder: C fitzgerald 2011

a glossary of ecocritical terms

breathing with the alder: video still   c fitzgerald, 2011 A very useful glossary of ecocritical terms can be found in Lawrence Buell's excellent overview 'the Future of environmental criticism - environmental crisis and literary imagination' (2005) Most ecocritical thought has developed in literary studies. Only very recently, post 2004, has activity occurred in film /…Read more a glossary of ecocritical terms

Framing the World – two timely new books on ecocriticism and film

5 Dec 2010: Short Ecocinema book review - Twelve essays  in four parts, focusing on ecocinema as activist cinema; the representation of environmental justice issues in Hollywood; independent and foreign films, the representation of animals, ecosystems, natural and human-made landscapes and readings of two mainstream eco-auteurs, Kiyoshi Kurosawa and Peter Greenaway, Framing the World; explorations…Read more Framing the World – two timely new books on ecocriticism and film