Innovative 6-week online ‘Ecoliteracy course for Creatives and Art Educators’–seen as a success on Earth Day 2020

This post is from my Haumea Ecoliteracy for the Arts site from a few weeks ago: I have been so busy the last few months in launching my first pilot online course. As I’m just about to launch my next pilot course I thought my followers would like to hear how it went.

ABOVE: ‘The Rapunzel Tree’ – new painting courtesy of Irish artist Rachel Webb, April 2020

In this planetary pause, there is more awareness that we need to live well with the Earth’s wider community of life. Creative practices–informed by ecoliteracy (ecological knowledge)–will have important social power to invite society to reflect and reimagine the better world we know is possible. Cathy Fitzgerald PhD., launched an innovative 6-week online ecoliteracy course for creatives that coincided with the pandemic. She reflects now that an accessible and engaging ecoliteracy education for our art sector shouldn’t cost the Earth.

“Today, is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, and I’m hosting the final live Zoom meeting of my pilot 6-week ecoliteracy for creatives course. My course has been timely–I have found a relatively low-cost means to share my eco-social art practice experience and knowledge of advances in the art and ecology area in an…

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Evolving the Forest, Creative Summit 19-21, 2019, Call for submissions

I have been lucky enough to attend two creative art and ecology summits organised by Next year's theme is all about forests so I'm very much hoping to attend!! I expect it will be not so much 'evolving forests', more that it will a rich event promoting conversations and creativity, practical and scientific knowledge,…Read more Evolving the Forest, Creative Summit 19-21, 2019, Call for submissions

The retrospective Radical Nature exhibition was supported by the RSA Art & Ecology programme and hosted Prof TJ Demos' first writings on the topic in 2009. I spent two days at the exhibition as it was so rare to see such work on display at the time.

Congratulations to RSA’s new art & ecology international site

  Update 2010: Unfortunately after the collapse of the 2009 UN Climate Change Summit and the cutbacks to the arts after the 2008 crash, the UK RSA Art & Ecology programme was discontinued. It wasa huge loss for those in Britain and Ireland just beginning to establish work in this area. The RSA ran the…Read more Congratulations to RSA’s new art & ecology international site