Sun powering up Hollywood Blackstairs Co. Carlow, February 2015

What timing! Hollywood #divests from fossil fuels on the international global weekend of “Go fossil fuel free – Divestment Day” 13-14 Feb 2015. Photo: Martin Lyttle

Global #Divestment Logo feb 13-14 2015

Today is the kind of day you seize with both hands.
Right now, the fossil fuel industry is on the defensive and fighting back — that’s because our Fossil Free movement has truly hit its stride.

Thousands of us across the planet are taking a stand today and tomorrow to end the age of fossil fuels — because that’s what it really means to solve the climate crisis.

Join in Global Divestment Day where you live:

The Hollywood forest transformation project shapes not only my long term eco art project. It influences how we live with the forest here and how we think about wider eco-social issues.

From our 2.5 acres we get an astonishing 70 tonnes of firewood every three years - Hollywood is such a clever young forest!!

From our 2.5 acres we get an astonishing 70 tonnes of firewood every three years – Hollywood is such a clever young forest!!

We’ve long wanted to move away from oil that heats our home; for the misery it causes people and other species in countries far away and because of the unfolding and accelerating calamity that is climate change. It is easier said than done in Ireland, where we are only re-establishing our forests and where most homes rely on imported heating oil from war-torn countries.

So over the last number of years we’ve been slowly saving and got a shed built to dry our timber (another masterpiece of wood working by Albert). This slatted wooden shed

has a small separate room to house a wood burner (gasifier). The latter item took more saving but it is being installed today.

Bernt from installing our blue wood gasifier today

Bernt from installing our blue wood gasifier today

And just by sheer coincidence Hollywood has timed the installation with the worldwide global weekend of action to raise awareness that the world needs to #divest from supporting fossil fuel companies. People, many of them courageous young students from all around the world are taking action to raise awareness this Valentines weekend to show their love for the Earth. See

Everyone is coming to terms with the necessity of “breaking-up” with fossil fuels!! So enjoy the wonderfully humorous video made by students below.

PS: If you don’t think #divestment is a powerful civil action consider this –

“Harvard’s endowment is the largest of any school in the world, at $36.4 billion. The students launched their sit-in (today) inside a building housing the offices of school administrators, including President Drew Fast. Hundreds of actions are expected around the world today and Saturday as part of Global Divestment Day.” (source: 13 Feb 2015)

“One day he’d be up, the next he’d be down… #volatile”(quote from video above)

Please share and tag this post #divest to raise awareness and help get this generation to abandon fossil fuels.

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