forest description in 60 sec

15 July 11: I spent a number of weeks learning about sound and sound recording for two reasons.To improve the sound quality of my film work but also my initial theory studies on the possibility of an ecocinema, itself a new area of study, seemed to often ignore the aural qualities of cinematic media that could be experimented further to offer a more ecological perspective/experience.

The aural power of cinema in engaging audiences in a place is often overlooked – in fact often in the visual arts we see cinema described as works of the ‘moving image’?., possibly as most in the visual arts are more comfortable, as I am currently, with the visual aspects of the media.

Here I have used a blurred static shot of the forest to foreground the sound – birds describing our forest at 5am!

This sketch helped inform my next and longer piece Transformation (2.30 min), a short film that quietly references and is narrated by a bird’s song that threads through the piece. As a result a more non-human perspective of a forest is given (biocentric) and the information about the forest been transformed is presented in a less didactic, more visually/aurally poetic way.

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