Happy Christmas

happy christmas

happy christmas

I’ve re-cycled my e-card from last year (how green is that 😉 – hope you like it.  I made it just before I started blogging last year, so now it has a home. Its the view from my studio office – no tree was harmed in the production of this card!

I’ve just finished all my reports for work at last, just put up the Christmas tree selected from our wood here (our trees are getting so big, so it takes up a quarter of the living room) and I’m so looking forward to doing some creative work OF MY OWN over the break. There’s going to be a lot of activity in our wee forest soon as we thin the spruce  to start to create a sustainable, mixed species woodland, which I hope to both document and make some creative short films about. So look out for a few more lo fi yoututbe offerings soon.


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