The ‘before’ shot – converting spruce monoculture into a real forest

Since not wanting to tempt fate (we have only recently only got felling licence after a lengthy delay), I’ve been holding off posting the ‘before’ shot of our site, before thinning, which is the next step in convertiAerial view of Hollywoodng our spruce wood into a sustainable woodland.

Here’s the shot of our site from Google, we have the part on the right with the dog-designed driveway – unfortunately, this shot is as close at is gets and it doesn’t do a great job in showing that the site is covered in a monoculture of dark spruce – I did try to interest Martin in going up in his paraglider, but we haven’t had the right winds off Mt Leinster for that.

I’ve also been trying to re-engage with my notes on how to make my next  film work – I’ve got too much film footage as usual, too many stray ideas and need to fiddle with my editing software to remember how to use it again. I found looking at my notes for burning bright film, that it helped enormously to  write the script first, then stick on the visuals afterwards, so playing with ideas for a title to start to bring it together (sure, that’s how they do it for big films isn’t it). I remember the title last time, came from a line of poetry – I often find poetic lines are a good means of suggesting things to pull you in further with out giving it all away, leaving something in the long grass, as they say (burning bright is from ‘tiger,tiger, burning bright, in the forest, in the night…for you poetry buffs). Funny, I can see bits of the film already, the difficulty is making  not too preachy and boring.

Uh oh, the chainsaws have started already Chris & Eoghan started at 8.30 this morning, better get my camera’s out.

4 thoughts on “The ‘before’ shot – converting spruce monoculture into a real forest

  1. Good luck with the thinning of your plantation, Cathy. I’m looking forward to seeing how our marking looks once the trees are taken out. What an exciting time for you. The first step in changing a plantation into a forest. Once the light is let in I feel sure you will have a lot more alder and ash coming in from the hedges. It’s wonderful that you are documenting the whole process for others to learn from.
    All the best,


  2. Hi Cathy, Interesting ariel shot. I wonder if it will be possible to see the effect thinning has on the trees the next time you get a Google ariel view? Will be interesting. Good luck with the tree felling!


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