Creativity at the 2nd Irish Green Gathering

Meant to have these images posted but summer holidays got in the way but now that I have broadband, my blogging will be more regular I hope.

Lots of creativity evident at the 2nd Irish Green Gathering held in Killane, Co. Wexford; creativity was evident in the woods, in the films selected and in the excellent talks by FutureProofKilkenny and Feasta-the Irish Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability. In fact, the crisis we face with environmental issues I believe is a great motivator for society at large to get creative.

Here are some of the things I liked – things discovered by accident in the woodland walk and a couple of films which I thought were successful because unlike a lot of heavy doom and gloom eco films, they were great fun to watch. Particularly inspiring were the, about 2 art students who successfully inpersonated the WTO all over the world and even announced to the world media, that because of the ill effects of WTO policy, the WTO was going to disband as an organisation (they have a film, books and more projects on the go!! And a great Irish comic short, the EcoPreacher, which I believe is a small part of the Irish Cultivate Powerdown series of films. There was a great response to both of these comic/satire approaches, the unexpected humour admidst all the doom and gloom of peak oil.

scenarios is a very valid strategy to engage audiences and is not used enough (see my previous post on the 10 RULES of effective/engaging

environmental communitication . It was also great to take part in the 1st Irish Transition Towns (described as ‘a social-ecological experiment on a massive scale’) network event, the first meeting of groups from around the country- so very inspiring to hear about all the creative projects happening across Ireland. I’ve now subscribed to Rob Hopkins blog, a leading figure in this area.

First up some images of artworkds from Gile’s Fitzherbert’s woodland, site of the annual Irish Green Gathering Festival-many were simple, temporary interventions and naturally, sensitivity in using natural materials was evident. Artists often don’t consider the materials they use enough. Can’t wait to see more next year!

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