Simple Stick Drawings attract 3 million to understand Unsustainable Consumerism

Hard to believe what a simple animation can achieve, but Annie’s youtube movie,, manages to bring a complex subject on the ecological and social effect of western style economics to millions on the net. Her simple drawings and personal story, formatted into a small web-ready animation, shows how an idea, simply packaged and easily available, can be so effective. The personal element of Annie’s story I believe is an important, it scores highly on 10 PINK Rules of effective environmental communication which I’ve talked about before).

Enjoy the movie, there is just a teaser below, and the full movie link is below that ( I saw it first courtesy of Brian and Paul, from FutureProofKilkenny at one of their excellent Global Lunchbox events, thanks guys!)

download the movie then signup to Annie’s updates!

PS You might notice more posts from me, I’ve accepted Ken McGuire’s Blog Challenge, a ‘post’-a-day for this month, with hopefully great prizes!

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