Grafitti artist asks “is Tullamore swimming pool going to cost the Earth?”

Grafitti draws attention to exotic timber use by local authority

Grafitti draws attention to exotic timber use by local authority

Well, the man in this photo is not really an artist, usually, but I had to admire Tom’s recent graffiti work in Tullamore.

Tom has worked tirelessly for years trying, along with others, to effect change in Ireland’s policy of still allowing the unsustainable importation of exotic wood into Ireland, often from extremely poor and fragile communities.

Tom is best known for his Tree of Life exhibition that he tours to schools but his website is also an excellent resource for all things related to Ireland and global forestry. His pages from the WWF on Ireland’s total lack of committment to timber importation are truly shocking, see how Ireland has the poorest record in the EU in respect to illegal logging and timber use. Remember, the next time you buy anything made from

wood, to ask for its FSC (forest stewardship council) logo .

“If we lose forests, we lose the fight against climate change.”

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