Less than 24h after posting my film ‘the local project’ on YOUTUBE- a film on a broadleaf re-afforestation, community project in County Leitrim, Ireland, I got an invitation by two London based curators, Wylie and OHagan, to show the film at an Irish Film festival to celebrate Irish creativity on St Patrick’s Day 2008!!!

I was delighted that the film reached people so quickly and the numbers of viewings of this small film have really surprised me. I did go to London and while the festival was small (its only in its 2nd year) its format of showing creative video work on all things Irish, both in a physical space and in real-time on YOUTUBE was a unique and exciting format. community forestry project in County Leitrim Ireland

Other entries for the 2008 Wylie O’Hagan Irish Film Festival, London 17 march 08

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