Drummin Bog, South Carlow: Sharing Eco-Social Art Practice expertise since 2017

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Since developing a theory-method framework to more easily explain my and others’ longterm eco-social art practices through my doctoral research (Fitzgerald, 2018), I have been delighted to have to use this framework to advise other developing eco-social art practices.

I was invited to join the Carlow Drummin Bog Project as a voluntary committee member in 2017 (I also have designed and look after the website) and have used my ecoliteracy knowledge to help other artists develop  inclusive and participatory community-ecoart projects in South Carlow, close to where I live. It has been fantastic to support local artist-educator and committee member Jules Michael, and other local artists Mairead Holohan and Annabel Konig, and oversee confidence and expertise for eco-social art practice develop in the area.

These are some posts about eco-social art practices for Carlow’s Drummin Bog: