A lot of how I understand Close-to-Nature continuous cover forestry is from attending ProSilva Ireland forest open days here in Ireland and abroad.

I’m looking forward to this weekend’s day in Glengarrif’s forests in West Cork, led by Faith Wilson who helped do the ecological survey at Hollywood last summer and Austrian forester Georg Frank- all are welcome to attend this day.

I’m then attending the first big UK Continuous COver conference in Cumbria at the beginning of June – it’s great to see the growing interest in a new form of forest management that means such forests will never be clear-felled!


This forest field day will concentrate on forests and biodiversity. ProSilva committee member and ecologist Faith Wilson will lead the day with ProSilva Austrian forester Georg Frank.

The field day will focus on the theme of forest management and biodiversity enhancement and field day stops will be at various locations in the Glengariff Woods Nature Reserve (http://www.glengarriffnaturereserve.ie/) and the neighbouring Derrynafulla forest, also owned by the National Parks and Wildlife Service.


Glengarriff Woods Nature Reserve covers some 300ha, with the dominant habitats being old oak woodland and young woodland which is regenerating in areas which have been cleared of non-native conifers over the last few years. There has also been an extensive long term and on-going of clearance of Rhododendron in the Oak woodlands.  The woods form one of the best examples of oceanic sessile oak woodland in Ireland, being rated at least as important as…

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