Hollywood shortlisted for new ForestEurope “Show off your forest” competition

Holly checking on the tall young Ash trees recently. This area is one of the most exciting parts of ‘Hollywood’ and is regenerating so fast. It is the film site  of the short experimental film ‘the black space (resilence) of the Ash night’ that Holly and the young Ash trees recently starred in.

Great news, today Holly and I heard that two experimental films from the Hollywood project have been short-listed for the Forest Europe ‘Show off your forest competition‘. I submitted two films (‘burning bright’ and ‘the black space (resilience) of the Ash night’, which I thought best conveyed the work going on here in Hollywood and just the cleverness of this little forest!

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 11.47.15

‘FOREST EUROPE (Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe) is the -pan-European policy process for sustainable management of the continent’s forests. FOREST EUROPE develops common strategies for its 46 member countries and the EU on how to protect and sustainably manage forests. Founded in 1990, the continuous cooperation of FOREST EUROPE has led to achievements such as guidelines and criteria for sustainable forest management.

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 12.05.03

Their aims are to:

“To shape a future where all European forests are vital, productive and multifunctional. Where forests contribute effectively to sustainable development, through ensuring human well-being, a healthy environment and economic development in Europe and across the globe. Where the forests’ unique potential to support a green economy, livelihoods, climate change mitigation, biodiversity conservation, enhancing water quality and combating desertification is realized to the benefit of society.”

Another recent photo of Holly and the fun we have here on ‘the set’  😉

Was lucky to catch this shot of Herne creeping up on Holly last week!!  (Herne has been with us awhile now, brought here by a tree-loving neighbour and Hollywood supporter)

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