5 may 11:  short experiment clip thinking about our breath, how it is connected with other species…note: need a lot of footage for fast-motion effect and the tripod must have sunk slightly in the ground, hence the annoying break between breaths

2 thoughts on “breathing with the alder

  1. The beauty of the moving image has such a mystic quality, lovely. I was expecting you to speak about our connection through breath to life and other species – I remembered the yoga breath and its deep power within to stillness. Thank you for that connection and resonance this morning. Best of luck with the new site Cathy.


    • Hi Roisin, thanks for dropping by.
      It’s funny, another person also thought about this piece and its meditative qualities and yes I was thinking about how our breath circles round and is ‘given’ by other more-than-human species. I keep meaning to return to it and perhaps slow it down further and repeat it for longer but have moved onto other ideas too. Thankful just to think my creativity hasn’t completely disappeared after all the arts admin work 😉


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