Great poster designers create for climate change in Ljubljana: a post for Blog Action Day

Do you look at posters when you are in a new place? I do and I happened across this great poster in Ljubljana recently. Don’t you agree that the strongest message can sometimes be said with the simplest of materials.

Ljubljana Climate Change Poster Festival

I wasn’t surprised at all that this poster by Gaja Mežnarič Osole of Slovenia, gained a distinctive merit award. Ljubljana hosted an innovative 1st european youth poster competition on climate change earlier this year and many of the posters created  striking messages, often more effective than long-winded political or scientific explanations. The aim was to show that ‘the future depends on our common awareness’ and what better way to spread ideas with inexpensive posters across our cities. See more great posters here

blogactiondayToday is also  global bloggers day for the international Climate change 350 initiative. I’m joining over 30,000 bloggers who are trying to draw attention to the grassroots 350 ppm CO2 campaign (the safe level of CO2 that we need to return to, to avoid climate chaos) in order to raise public awareness on the need for tough climate change policy ahead of the December Copenhagen summit on Climate Change.

On October 24, join people all over the world
to take a stand for a safe climate future, see

There are a load of initiatives all over the world and not just with the 350  campaign and many are attracting efforts from creative people. My felt artist friend Nicola is joining an International Felt climate change initiative and I’ve made a small goal to make a new work in responses to the new RSA  art and ecology artists network call for works that address or reflect this issue. I was agreeing with another musician friend the other day that there isn’t a better antidote to all this doom and gloom than the buzz of creating something new and I always find I need a deadline to create…  You might like to look or join the new RSA artists Art & Ecology network to see more activity in this area (you can see I made a page for Irish artists, there must be more of you out there). Will Shaw’s blog for the RSA Arts & Ecology programme is also an excellent in-depth current overview of the debates circling art, ecology, politics & society; I’ve signed up for his email blog posts and also you might like to view/join the arts and ecology group on the rapidly growing transitiontownireland site.

PS the 350 campaign video for those who haven’t seen it, it’s a bit like the Obama campaign for the earth, will it make a difference?

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