Film-maker from Wylie O’Hagan Irish film festival wins at Cannes

Some of you know that I got some clips of my tree film on you-tube in March, just a couple of months ago. My ‘you-tube story’ is that within 12 short hours, art curators Wylie O’Hagan invited me to show my work in their inauguaral Irish youtube film festival in London. It was a fantastic new forum and a great opportunity to see other new film-makers working from an Irish perspective in one room/youtube gathering and Claire and Denise were so encouraging to everyone to keep making work. One person from Cork, Brian Deane, made a very poignant film on suicide in Ireland ‘Without words’ which as you can see below has just won an award at Cannes!

Congratulations Brian and to Denise and Claire for bringing this iimportant work to a wider audience.

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