A major part of my  research and creative practice is blogging.  I look at new ideas, theory, popular culture, video and films from others’ work and my practice. Some of my blog posts turned into longer articles. These are not peer-reviewed articles, but have been useful to advance my practice. Some people have approached me to publish these articles in publications as noted below.

Ecopornography, Slow Violence and the Deep Art of Place (2014)

Extended and revised for  EarthLines,  editor Dr. Sharon Blackie, March 2014 (8)
pp. 42-45.

Eradicating ecocide to make sustainability legal (2013)

The article that I wrote before presenting my motion, unanimously supported, to recognise a law against the crime of ecocide, at the 2013 Irish Green Party Convention.

An Absence of Thinking; Hannah Arendt and the Totalitarianism of Ecocide (2013)

The Anthropocene: 10 000 Years of Ecocide (2012)

(Book Review) American Nature Film: Representations of Dominion and Imperialism.

Deep Sustainability and the Art and Politics of Forests

Later re-published by request on the UK ‘Save our Woodlands’ website and for the UK ‘Home and the World Summit’ (2012)

Networking the Arts to Save the Earth (2011)

An extract of this article is available in the Visual Artists Ireland Newsheet (2011, p.20)